Monday, July 07, 2008

June Summary and Report

Pretty amazing that half of 2008 is already gone.
June has been an amazing and very fast paced month. We started the month with a group of 22 from Topeka, Kansas. This was a team that had never been with TORCH and they were a great multi-generational group. We were able to serve in several communities by helping the hungry with food, constructing houses, working with children, visiting hospitals, and building a new church building. This is a team that we are certain will grow in 2009. The Central Church of Christ in Topeka is going to be a very vital part of the mission ministry in Honduras.
We followed the Topeka group with the opportuntiy to help out with a couple of other groups. Mark Connell, Donna Brothers, and Gail Davidson teams were from Alabama/ Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. The work was similar with all of the groups.
We finished the month by spending a lot of time with our friends from Tupelo, MS. Mark Halbert is the leader and the group comes from Trace Crossing Church and Lee Acres Church of Christ. Once again, the group was multi-generational and everybody left the country with a new view of the world we live in.
Our work with the AIM Team continued in June and we are very blessed to have 6 great missionaries to work with for the next year and a half to two years. Please remember and pray for Steve, Kale, Keith, Andrea, Rayner, and Felisha. They have big hearts and a strong desire to serve. They have taken on the task of ministry at the Tegucigalpa City Dump and they haven't missed a week since they arrived on May 20th. They are working on plans to further the ministry by teaching the gospel to the people that live and work at the dump.
This summer we are also blessed to be working with 3 TORCH Interns. Karis, Nolan, and Russell are a real asset to our work with TORCH and they are a blessing to our lives. They will be with us until August 2.
July will be very similar to June. I am leading 3 teams in July and will be helping with 2 others. We will wrap up TORCH for the summer on August 9th. It is likely that we will be taking a couple of days off at that time. I aoplogize for a shortage of many of the June details - we are always pretty tied up from Mid May to Mid August and 2008 is no exception.
I do want to thank you for your ongoing support of the work here in Honduras. We wouldn't be blessed with the best job in the world without prayers, encouragement, and financial support that so very many of you provide. We appreciate your emails, blog comments, and your love.
Be a blessing to somebody today!