Saturday, September 29, 2007


Terri was on time yesterday!
She left Little Rock at 5 something so that meant that she was up at 2:30. Needless to say she was tired when she arrived. I kept here busy for a while as we needed to meet with people about getting a few things done to our house, we had to meet with the lawyer to discuss becoming residents of Honduras, and we had to go to our warehouse so that we could make room for a container that will arrive in about a week or so. Our stuff is shipping out of Gulfport today so - if the ship doesn't sink, we will have our own bed in a couple of weeks. We got rid of lots of stuff but - my pillow top bed wasn't one of them!
Our plans for the next weeks incude 2 weeks of intensive language school and a conference in Copan. We will leave after church in the morning for the 250 mile dirve to Copan - about 3 miles from Guatamala (did I spell that right?). I'll be unloading the container on the 15th and we will spend the rest of the week preparing for a small group coming from Illinois and California. From the 20th to the 27th we will have a TORCH group of about 10 building, feeding, teaching, and just serving the people of Honduras. Please pray for this. While you are praying - please pray that our Illinois house will sell soon. Today would be soon enough!
Terri & I want to thank all of you that keep us in your daily prayers. Please pray that we will see what God has planned for us to do and that we will follow his plan.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Happenings

On Thursday afternoon, the youth group from Santa Ana joined others from the Teguc area for a seminar at Baxter. Travelling 16 miles to spend 3 nights in a crowded dorm room wouldn't likely get too many kids from the states excited but - these kids don't get more than a mile or two from home very often. There were 15 or 16 from Santa Ana. I went to Baxter Friday afternoon to see some friends and there were about 200 - 300 teens at the seminar. Los Pinos alone brought 27. It is great to see that the seeds planted over the past couple of years has done for these two communities. More than 15% of the seminar came from churches that were not here just a few years ago! (By the way, there were 8 teenagers that chose to accept Jesus as their savior and were baptized at the seminar.)
Speaking of new churches, we have already begun the planning for a church plant in Rio Hondo (pronounced RRRio Ondo in Spanish). People here are excited about this plan. Stay tuned.
When I arrived on Thursday, there was a group of dentist at our clinic. This brigade is working to change the practice of extraction into restoring teeth. Some of the work done was amazing. This team of 3 dentist worked tirelessly for a week - averaging between 25 & 30 patients each per day. This compares to 10 to 12 average per day in the states.
I met with one of the dentists at the end of the day to have him take a look at a lump that had grown into my bottom lip. He said that it wasn't anything to worry about but, I should get a Dr to look further and perhaps have it removed. Well, I asked a friend about a possible Dr in honduras that could help me with this. Yesterday morning on my way into Tegucigalpa, my friend Gina called to tell me that I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon in 30 min. No time to think about it means no time to worry. I met with the Dr at 9:30 and by 10:15 the problem was removed and I now have 6 stiches and a fat lip. All is good - the problem was clogged salivary glands. Removing the problem glands removes the issue. Can you imagine having minor surgery from a plastic surgeon in the states for $75.00?
Yesterday we didn't get rain until after 7:00 pm - maybe one day we will not have any rain. The 10 day forecast is for rain for the next 10 days. Anyway, because it didn't rain early, we were able to take the kids on a walk to a pulperia. It was great to see how important it is to hold hands.
I am sad to report that Luvin has run away. This wasn't the first time that he has done this and because of the need to maintain a stable home for all of the children, we will not be able to let Luvin come back. Please pray for this little boy. He is so smart and it is sad that he cannot accept authority and is not willing to be loved.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hondo Home

I arrived in Honduras today with my dog Skillet. Taking a dog to a 3rd world is an adventure in itself - a whole new story will come later about that.
Arriving at Casa de Esperanza on the day it became my new home is difficult to describe. Exciting would be one description - aprehensive - a little fearful - but definantly happy to be here. The kids are great - everyone ran to give hugs & kisses, smiles, donde esta es Nicole y Matt? All the questions. Hold me, no me - it's my turn - Tonight Bryan insisted that I sit beside him for dinner. I am blessed. As for Skillet, he is doing rounds with the night guard so - hopefully he will be tired and sleep tomorrow. My bags ddin't make it so, I wilbe back in Teguc to (hopefully) pick them up and take care of other things like securing a mailbox and other things. I plan to go over to Baxter where there there will be more than 500 local teens at a youth seminar. Thanks to several donars, there are about 15 kids from Santa Ana attending the seminar. I saw all the teens as they were leaving this afternoon and they were all smiles. Good Stuff!
Terri will be travelling to Texas tomorrow to see her mom and other family and will be making the trip to Teguc next friday. Pray for her safety on the road.
I plan to post updates on the work as often as possible.

Monday, September 10, 2007

10 Days

In 10 days I'll finally be Honduras. I will be travelling on the 20th of September and Terri will be down a week later. The house is almost completely empty and we are both excited to be at this point of the move. As soon as Terri arrives, we will be heading off to Copan for a couple of weeks of language school and to attend a conference for medical and children's mission work that focuses on Honduras. There will be about 120 to 15o folks attending the conference. I will be speaking at the conference on the second day - please pray for that.
Before we leave, we are going to head to TX so that we can meet with the AIM - Adventures In Missions class of 2008. That will also give me a chance to see the folks and my brother before I head out next week.
Terri & I have been truly blessed by a bunch of people and congregations that have made it possible for us to go to Honduras to serve. I am amazed at how our God has put all of this together and how he has introduced us to so many wonderful people that have stepped up to join our team. Our God is Good - All the time.
Just one example of this happened yesterday. I was asked to speak to the Central Church of Christ (what a great bunch of Christians) and after the lesson was approched by a man that tells me that he wants to help build a new church building. It was just last week that I began to discuss the potential of a church plant in a community called Rio Hondo and now - the answer seems to be clear - The man from Topeka said that they would likely write the check before the end of the year. That is pretty exciting isn't it.
I will update the work in Honduras as soon as I land next week.