Thursday, February 10, 2005

Six Months To Wait

Anybody that knows me will know that I love TORCH Missions. I love putting a team together, seeing the excitement build, working to raise the funds, talking to people about the work, ...every thing about it. I love it! My life is completely changed because God introduced me to this work. The only problem with me being in love with service is that there is a 50 week wait between missions. That's way too long. Here we are in February and we still have 6 months to go before we take the team to Honduras to work for 2 weeks and then wait another 50 weeks to go again. I can't wait. It's application time and this years team is the most excited of any that I have ever been involved with. I am getting no less than 5 to 8 phone calls or emails every day from our team. They are all just as ready as I am.
I truly believe that our God has some very special plans for the work this summer.....otherwise, he wouldn't have called so many people to join the work........I can't wait!

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NT said...

I am so, so excited too!! I don't think there is anything better than when I am Honduras. I love serving God and serving others. I know that I don't have to be in Honduras to do either, but that place sure has a special place in my heart.