Saturday, May 21, 2005


I like the description of the apostles witness in Acts...BOLD.
BOLD - not a word that I use very often. About the only time lately is when I describe the type on my computer. I like it though. BOLD!
It is a description of how ordinary men were completely changed.
Acts makes it pretty clear to me that these guys didn't complete the change unitl they met the Spirit of God. It was only then that they became BOLD. Even though they had spent years working, preaching, & learning from Jesus - they were inclear about what they believed and were afraid when they needed to be brave. It was the Spirit that made them BOLD.
I wonder if being bold is one of the gifts that the Spirit brings? Maybe I am not as bold of a witness as I want to be because I don't depend enough upon the Spirit.

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hms said...

AMEN! I feel the same way most of the time. I re-read the book of Acts about three time while I was interning with TORCH two summers ago, and the boldness was something I was really struck by.
~Hannah Sawyer