Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I met Daisy this past weekend in Honduras. Daisy lives in a new house in Santa Ana and works for Casa de Esperanza. She and her three sons – Saul, Eduardo, and Carlos recently moved from a community called Union e Fuersa to Santa Ana because her home wasn’t safe anymore. Her old neighborhood had been taken over by the “bad guys” and Daisy was afraid that her oldest son was going to join them. Daisy told Carlos that God has a better plan for him and she was able to move because of the new houses that were constructed on the TORCH property in Santa Ana.
Anyway – back to Daisy.
Daisy is always smiling – ALWAYS!
Her heart is so big that she gets her feelings hurt if she isn’t allowed to help out. It’s really hard to describe just how much of a servant Daisy is because I’ve never quite run across anyone quite like her.
Daisy has adopted Karen & Jennifer – my friends that manage Casa de Esperanza – as her family. She has matter of factly told both of them that other than her sons, they are the only family that she has. She loves them and does what she thinks is watching out for them. On nights when Karen & Jen are in Tegucigalpa, Daisy patiently waits near the gate for her “family” to come home.
In 48 hours that I’ve been back in the states, I’ve come to see that Daisy is to Karen & Jennifer what we should be to the family of God.
Daisy’s willingness to do anything for her “family” – with a smile of satisfaction is an attitude that would serve all of us (me) well.
Daisy’s love for her family makes her want to watch out for them is how we should all be – especially when one of our family goes away. We should be like Daisy and celebrate their return.
Daisy’s heart is big – so big that it shows up in her smile and her hugs. I think that she gives hugs so that she will get hugs. Nothing wrong with that.... we all need more of both! (giving and getting)

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