Friday, October 27, 2006

My Dad

My dad & I love to play golf together. We don't get to be together very often but, almost every time we are, we play golf. So, what is it about this tradition that makes it so important that we rarely miss an opportunity to play? Well, I've seen both of us play and personally know that it's not exceptionally great golf. While both of us like to win, it isn't the chance to beat each other that draws us to the golf course. It isn't the senic beauty of the golf courses in Borger - they are mostly reformed cow pastures. It isn't the ideal weather of the Texas Panhandle - we usually get to play around the Christmas holidays when the wind blows ffrom the north and it's as cold as Canada.
The bottom line is this - the reason that my dad & I like to play golf together is because it gives us time to be alone and just enjoy being together. We kid each other, we pull for each other, we talk, and we just have a good time. That's it - 4 or 5 hours of uninterrupted time with my dad. That's what golf with my dad is.
I wonder if there will be golf courses in heaven - I suspect so.
Won't it be grand to play a 4-some with my dad, my Heavenly Father, & my son's - (I guess a 5-some will be okay in heaven. After all, I'll be playing with the "club president") Will it be okay to play on Sunday mornings in heaven? I'll bet that there will be a long wait to play in God's group. The good news is - even if it's once every 1000 years, we'll still have an eternity to play together. I wonder if you get to take mulligans in heaven? Do you think you will really need a "do over"? I wonder if there will be any sand traps & hazards on the course? I'll be pretty surprised if there are any weeds on the course. I wonder if there will be a dress code on the course - I doubt it. Won't need a glove because it would be impossible to get a blister.
Well, till I get to heaven, I'll just enjoy all the times that my dad & I get to be together on the course.
Love ya dad,

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NT said...

I like playing golf with my dad too. It's been a while. I love you.