Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tough Decisions

When you are on a mountain and there are hundreds of houses that could easily be replaced, you can think of the "Starfish Story" and be somewhat satisfied that you did indeed help one family at a time. The one big difference between people in need and starfish is that the starfish on the beach aren't running up to the guy helping them and pleading to be the next starfish that is saved. Since coming to Honduras a month ago, I have become the person on the mountain that makes the house decisions - this is the toughest thing that I've ever done. I pray every night that God will help me make the right decision. In Nueva Oriental last week there were no less than 20 people that handed me written requests to be considered for a new house. Somehow my old (and now lost) cell phone number fell into the hands of the mountain and one day I had 40 or more phone calls. I hope that the person that stole my phone isn't mean to the people that call him asking for a house.
How, how, how - is anyone supposed to know which family is more deserving than another? I pray that this is the wisdom that God promised - if we ask for it. I'm asking!

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