Thursday, June 19, 2008

What I See

I am able to be in a lot of places and because of that, I am able to see many different sights. Some of the things I've seen and experienced in the past week or so are why I am here. Here are a few of the sights -
Last week I saw desperation in the faces of many of the people at the Teguc dump. I was with a group that wanted to take full food bags to the city dump. Enough food in the bags to help for several days. The group took 250 bags and there was a line that streched to more than the number of bags available. I saw desperation in the folks near the end of the line - there was fear that there wouldn't be enough for them.
At the dump I also saw smiles on the faces of some of the people - even the ones that were near the end of the line. I talked to a lot of the people and asked them if they knew my friend Jesus. Many of them showed me that they had HOPE. A lot of the people that I asked told me that Jesus was the only hope that they had. They told me that they were happy because they had Jesus in their heart. There were even a few that pulled a small bible from their pocket.
Last week I observed the reason that Jesus told us "unless you are like these children...". We were working in a place called Villa Nueva - Sector 8. I met 3 or 4 little girls that were all smiles and giggles. Everytime I saw these little ones they wanted hugs. They were happy in spite - of being hungry, dirty, and living in a place where most of the world would see no reason to be happy.
In the past week I have seen hunger - a lot of hunger. We build a house for a family in the mountains above Ojojona and were able to visit the old house where the family of 5 had been living. Walking through the old house to look for how much food the family had to live on was revealing - there was a basket with maby 6 eggs, to shriveled peppers, and nothing else - nothing! The sad truth is, about 40 to 50% of the families in this country live just like this.
I also saw Hope in a man named Fernando. Fernando is a man that lost both arms in an electrical accident. I met Fernando because we are going to build a house for him - today. Fernando wasn't hopeless. After his accident, he went back to school to learn how to function and is now able to work in electrical technology - even without hands. Fernando was a happy man and was all smiles. Can't wait to see his new house.
I have seen and experienced so much more but, the time this morning is short and I need to go to work. I wish you all could be with me. I am blessed with the best job in the world!
Be a blessing to somebody today!

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Ginger said...

Marc, actually it is quite obvious that OTHERS are blessed because you have the job you have! I pray that you will be able to keep up this difficult demanding work and continue to enjoy it. Love you, Ginger