Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Returning Home

Our little town is pretty small. The main road is the only one paved in the entire town. The rest are either rock or a dirt & rock combo. This time of the year we are blessed to have the amount of rock that is here. With the rainy season, any dirt is permanent mud.
On Monday we returned from 3 weeks in the states and it was really nice to drive into Santa Ana and be able to say "home at last". There really isn't any place like home - even if home is Santa Ana Honduras.
Since returning, I have been able to get a little caught up on some of the things that were left undone or as I preferr "in process". The first of those is "The Bill Brumley Cottage". This project is a new children's house at Casa de Esperanza. My friend Milton is once again my construction supervisor and he has done a wonderful job of getting things done during my visit to the states. The project is converting our bodega into a house - and that means we needed to build an addition that includes 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Milton and his crew have completed the outside walls and most of the bedroom walls. In a week or so we will be putting on the roof and sealing in the building. We should be able to complete the project in another 4 weeks or so.
Yesterday I made what I thought was a quick trip into Tegucigalpa to go to the bank, take care of a few other loose ends, and get new shocks on Terri's truck. The slowdown was at the shop - a simple 1 1/2 hour job easily stretched into 4 1/2 hours and the day was almost shot by the time I returned to Casa.
Last night, the Tuesday worship was at Fernando & Brenda's (our new house parents). I went for the first time - there were 27 people there to sing, pray, and discuss the topic of the evening. Everyone that was there had to walk and they all came in spite of the fact that there was a good chance that there would be rain when they left and that they would be going home in the dark. The singing, prayer, and worship was uplifting. I like the way Honduran's greet each other - they really do believe in a "holy kiss". It is nice to be recieved with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I am blessed.
The rest of this week will be spent in a mix of stuff including - working on the women's center in Oriente, taking the children to their monthly visitation in Tegucigalpa, and pushing ahead on the new house. I can't wait to get the new house full of kids!
Terri and I are truly blessed to have our home and our work here in Santa Ana. We are blessed to have so many churches and people that support our work, pray for us, & encourage us. Our God is so amazing for planning this work here and we thank Him every day that we get to be here.
Be a blessing to somebody today!


Paul said...

Hello Marc;Thanks for you posts. I check on them frequently. The "holy kiss", now how scriptural is that? lol I grew up in a church that followed those verses so I am fine with it but have not seen any CofC congregations practicing it. Thanks for taking care of Felicia.

Ginger said...

Dear Marc,
No grass grows under your feet. Always love to read what you have on your mind. Your thoughts are words worth reading. I hope all the projects are completed on time and everyone's goals met. Bill Brumley's family going through such a rough time now losing Michael after losing Bill and this news has to be a blessing knowing Bill is honored in such a special way.

love, Ginger