Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working Together

A couple of weeks ago we built a house in a place called the 17th of September. The house we built was for a family of 8 - mom and 7 kids. It was a special house because it was built in memory of a special lady from Columbus, MS.
While we were on the mountain I met a lady named Saundra. Every time Saundra talked to me she started crying and asking me to come to her house to see if there was anything that we could do to help her out. On the day we built the house, I told Saundra that I would come to her house as soon as we finished the new building. I was hopeful that we would be able to help Saundra's house be more livable with a new roof and maybe a few boards to cover up some of the holes in the wall. When we climed up - and I mean way up - to the house, it became immediately obvious that the only solution to Saundra's house problem would be a new house. The place where Saundra and her little boy live is one of the worst that I have ever seen. I told Saundra "right now, I don't have the money to build you a house. We both need to pray that God will deliver the money so that you and your son can get a house." I prayed right then that God would send money soon for a house for Saundra. That was on a Thursday and on Saturday of the same week, I had an email from a friend that he wanted to help build a house for somebody - that somebody is Saundra. Next Monday we will build that house. As of right now, Saundra still does not know that she will get a new house on Monday. I plan to go up the mountain after church tomorrow to tell her - the tears then will be tears of joy. I can't wait!
We get to build 2 more houses next week - I will share details about the families as soon as I have them.
The following week, we have friends from Mississippi coming. The Trace Crossing Church in Tupelo is bringing 5 or 6 to Honduras so that they can "be Jesus" to the folks at the Tegucigalpa dump. they have assembled 250 Maji boxes - specifically for the folks at the dump. These boxes are for both adults and children and will bring joy to just about everybody that the dump. There are treats, gloves, and small gifts for every body. We will have a special day at the dump - serving a hot meal and a gift of love! This group want's to be able to return to Mississippi with the story of giving that everybody needs to hear - especially during the time of year when we celbrate the "greatest gift".
Exciting things - Happy Thanksgiving,
Be a blessing to somebody TODAY!

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