Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Like This Quote

The other day I read this quote -
"Vision without action is only a Dream!
Action without Vision is only an activity!
Combining Vision & Action can change the World!"
I like this.
Imagine adding Jesus to the center of every Vision?
Imagine waking up every day with only one purpose in mind - your Vision!
Vision with Jesus in the center and Action with Jesus as the master will surely change the world.
One soul at a time.
Be a blessing to somebody today!


DeaW said...

Hi Marc,

I am a junior nursing student at Kansas Wesleyan University and also goto church at First United Methodist Church, both of whom are involved w/ Lisa Armstrong and the fellow man international in Honduras. I was recently invited to join some senior nursing student in a trip to Honduras to help Lisa Armstrong in her clinic and to help wherever a hand was needed.
Funny thing is, after my husbands initial reaction of "That's Dangerous..." I actually searched "Is Honduras dangerous?" on and came across your blog. The end phrase of "I believe it is more dangerous to sit back in fear...dangerous to faith. Do not fear and be a blessing to somebody TODAY!" inspired me and helped me remember that with God, all things are possible! I am a mother of 5 under the age of 6, so leaving them for any amount of time to do anything is a risk - but I believe I'll be teaching them a lesson and maybe learning a few of my own...

DeaW said...

I wondered, do you have any *tips* for me before I go out of country for the first time ever? Thank you, your blog is very interesting and inspiring

Marc T said...

DeaW, my email is Send me a note and I will write back with suggestions. Thank you for your comments. You made my day!