Thursday, April 16, 2009

271,000 Two hundred seventy-one thousand!

Had a call this morning.
We have been praying for a way to feed kids in the church / feeding center project in Santa Katerina. This morning I had a call from a ministry project in Indiana offering a 40 foot container of special rice meals. The meals are specially made to provide a day of vitamin needs for a child - in one serving. There are 271,000 servings on the container. This ministry helps Christian feeding projects around the world - only 2 strings attached - the first is that 75% of the meals need to go to children and the second condition is that the food be a part of an evangelistic project. Amazing because that is exactly the design of our project - feed kids and plant a church.
The amount of food in this shipment will help us feed 225 kids a day - 5 days a week for more than a year. It will also be a source of food for the feeding project at the church in Los Pinos - it will also help feed the kids at Casa de Esperanza.
I told the group that we would find the $5000 needed to ship this food to Honduras.
Imagine 271,000 meals for $5000. That is less than 2 US Cents per serving.
Why not get your children's classes in chruch to help us pay for some of these servings. Why not get some of your adult classes to do the same. With this load of food we can serve 225 to 250 kids a day for way more than a year. That is an amazing gift from our God.
Once again, our God has given us the hard proof that He listens and he answers.
If you can help with this shipment, please let me know.
Be a blessing to somebody today!

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