Saturday, May 02, 2009


We are planning a couple of events for the end of 2009. The first will be during Thanksgiving week.
We want to start planning earlier in 2009 for a way for everyone that can to spend Thanksgiving in Honduras. We can easily sleep 11 or more in our house and we hope to fill it up with people that want to come and build houses during Thanksgiving week 2009. We tried this in 2008 and had a few takers but, we really didn't start the planning until October. Hopefully bu starting the planning in May, we can fill up the house and build 10 or more houses. To make this easy and to help everyone that comes to stay busy building, we are inviting everyone that comes to be our guests. All we ask is that you buy your airline ticket and your mission insurance (about $1.50 t0 2.00 per day depending on your age). We also ask that everyone that comes help us raise funds for building houses. We will take care of everything else including an amazing Thanksgiving Feast. If we fill up the house, we will add more beds. Make your plans and let us know.

In December we are planning Christmas at the Dump. There are friends at Trace Crossing Church in that are planning to return with gifts for everyone - especially the children. We want to make the day extra special so, our plan is to have some type of special meal for everyone that day. Wouldn't it be amazing to have some sort of "sit down" meal where we could serve a banquet to people that never expected to be invited to a banquet? That is the vision. I will nail down a date for this within the coming weeks but, wanted to let you know to make plans for the most amazing Christmas party that you can imagine.

Be a blessing to somebody today,

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Kim said...

Marc, I am a wedding planner and am very familiar with planning, decorating and organizing large banquets. I would love to provide whatever help I could. My husband and I are both interested in coming to Honduras to work with you if at all possible.

Thanks, Kim Robinson, Shawnee, Oklahoma