Friday, November 13, 2009

Updating October & November

Lots of things happening during the past couple of months. One thing I hope to do better with is keeping more info here on my blog. Since I signed up for Facebook, it has been easier to do short daily updates and I have neglected my blogs.
In the area of groups, we have been able to start bringing folks back into the country. The political crisis has somewhat calmed down and we believe that the elections of November 29 will bring and end of the situation that began with the oust of the former president on June 28. In October we had friends from California come to work for a week. We built 2 houses and we disrtibuted tons of food in several different communities. Groups will continue with the arrival of the last week of November. We are going to do a week of building - looks like we will be completing at least 11 houses in the week - taking a break to celebrate Thanksgiving with the kids at Casa de Esperanza. In December we have plans for 2 more teams as well as other visitors. We are blessed to be able to work with so many amazing people in our teams.
Casa de Esperanza is growing and we just added two beautiful children to our home. We have a baby - little Manual is 20 months old and his sister - Noame is 5. They are a bit scared but, we believe they will be in the middle of the playing, loving, and life here very quickly.
Our work in the Tegucigalpa Dump is growing and we love being able to go every week to serve the people that live and work there. We have started providing baby formula to 4 to 5 young women every week. This was the result of a donation from several folks in Indiana and we plan to continue to make the baby food available as long as these young women do not bring their babies to the dump.
In October we recieved a container from Illinois - it was full of things to help the children of Honduras as well as the children at Casa de Esperanza. The container was assembled by our church family in Fairview Heights and many many goods were shipped from around the country to help fill the container. We were able to help out the "Happy Hands" school where our Rosy learns to communicate with other children that are deaf. Our next container will ship from Jacksonville, IL in February. We are going to pack that box from ene to end and top to bottom with things to help the poor here in Honduras.
Terri and I will be here through the holidays so that KAren and Dorian can be with Karen's family in Ohio. Karen has spent every Christmas here since her arrival 4 years ago and we are blessed that she will be able to spend this holiday with her family.
Terri and I travel to the states in Mid January where we will be speaking at about 10 different places.
We thank everybody for all of the love and support that you just continue to pour out on us. We are so blessed by our amazing God and He continues to bring so many wonderful people into our lives.

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