Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 2010

We have been working on several different ministries and projects since the first of 2010. At the top of the list is Casa de Esperanza. As you know, we have a completed facility for 10 more children - and that home was completed about a year ago. Our first attempt at hiring house parents was not what we expected and the result was a delay in bringing newly rescued children to the campus. About a year ago, we hired a lady from the Los Pinos community to come here to be the "tia" or aunt to the children of our new house. After months of training and observaiton, we added the first new kiddos to the home. We have not observed what we had hoped and as a result, we are making a change. The 2 kids in the new home will remain at Casa but, our Tia is leaving at the end of April. We are blessed that God has sent us another couple that will arrive at the end of May and we have faith that we will soon be able to fill up the beds with kids that need a home. Please pray for Casa de Esperanza and pray for Siamara and her girls as they return to their home in Los Pinos. We love them and we care for them.
April also marked the reciept of 2 very important shipping containers. The first was a very slow shipment from Jacksonville, IL. Whew! Took almost 6 weeks to finally get here but, the arrival of this container has been a blessing to many and will continue to bless many for months to come. Thank you Maria Phillips and your many friends who made this container possible. There were tons of clothes, many boxes for Casa de Esperanza, many household goods for the Whites, and everything was packed well and arrived in great condition. Just this week, we were able to unload another food container that has about 250,000 servings of a very nutritious rice meal. These meals will be a blessing to children all over the Tegucigalpa area. Feeding centers, church feeding programs, nutrition centers, and many other places. We are blessed and would like to thank Hunger Plus, Feed My Starving Children, and Manna Pack who made this possible. Containers were never planned to be a big part of our work here - at least in our plans. However, opportunities to help are presented almost every week and we look at each one with prayer and petition to God to determine if we should be involved. Just yesterday we were asked to consider recieving 4 containers of like new hospital beds and many other medical supplies. My first thought was to ignore the request - I didn't. I made a couple of calls to friends that are in the care of 13 Honduran hospitals and they moved faster than I have ever seen to accept this offer. The result is that next week, we will be shipping almost $1,000,000 of beds and other supplies to a hospital system that very much needs these supplies. The Honduran government will be paying for the shipment. Again, thank you Hunger Plus of Plainview, TX for making this happen.
The next shipment for our ministry will be coming from the Overland Park Church of Christ and will ship on May 17. If you need to ship supplies to Honduras, please let me know and we will connect you with our friends in Kansas.
Our Dump ministry is continuing to develop. We are working with the city of Tegucigalpa on a proposal to begin development of a center that will offer spiritual, health, and other services to the folks that work at the dump. Pray for God to reveal His plan and that we will be bold in following it.
In the area of short term missions and mission teams, 2010 has started well. Our home has been blessed with 2 small groups that just wanted to come to Honduras to work for a few days. Three young folks from SC came for a week to share in the work here as well as in several comunities of Tegucigalpa. Later, we led a team from FHU in TN. Home building, food distribution and other feeding ministry, work at the dump, hospital, children's home.....a full week was shared and loved. Amazing young folks that we were blessed to serve side by side and shoulder to shoulder with. Later, we closed the month with a family from NC that wanted to come to build a memory house and spend their 25th anniversary here in our home. Thanks for comeing to be with us Rick and Angie.
May really kicks in with teams and other work. On May 5, my brother Trey Morgan will be hosting the second annual "Dump Day" on his blog . Please take a look at what is happening and help any way that you might can,
Churches here are doing well. IN 2010, there have been numerous folks that have commited their lives to Jesus and have been baptized in His name. Many more are participating in almost daily classes and study opportunities. Summer teams will be working with the local churches to help take the Good News to our community.
Well, if you would like to see updates more often, I am on FaceBook and usually post a note or two every day. We would love to have any of you to come and see us - just be warned, if you come, we will be putting you to work.
Thank you for your constant prayers, your encouragement, and your financial support.
With the Love of Jesus,

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