Sunday, January 02, 2011

What If?

The new year has started - here we are on the 2nd of January - fat from all the food we ate over the past couple of weeks, watching football and yelling for our team, and trying to decide if we really do want to go to the trouble of having some new years resolutions or not.
Watching all the football and visiting here in "SEC Country" reminds me just how crazy some folks are about "The Team". (doesn't really make any difference what team -The Team - is. Seeing excitement in action has me thinking "what if?"
  • What if we were as excited about going about doing things for others as we are about our team winning the Orange Punch Bowl?
  • What if we were just as excited about sharing Jesus with somebody as we were talking about our team's bowl performance?
  • What if we decided that people are more important than an accumulation of stuff?
  • What if we decided that we were going to trust God when he said that we don't need to worry?
  • What if we actually lived lives like we were the person that we want others to believe we are?
  • What if we decided to share the new clothes with others and keep the used ones for a while longer?
  • What if we kept the car for another year and spent the $500 a month feeding hungry kids?
  • What if we decided to love others - even when they don't love back?
  • What if we decided to go for a year without using the word HATE - especially when it involves another person?
  • What if we decided that we will no longer say anything bad about anybody - even when we know that they are saying bad things about us.
  • What if they know we are believers because of our love and our actions?

What If.................

Happy New Year,



Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Great post!! That stays on my mind a good bit around football season. Growing up in Alabama, people go ABSOLUTELY crazy for football and their "roll tide roll" or "war eagle".

It's easy to look from the outside (as one who doesn't really care to watch), but I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn't get excited about other things that can eat up my life and God's time.

Your post is a great reminder that we already HAVE the energy and excitement to serve others...if we can just channel the energy and excitement from things we love to things GOD loves (which can usually be the same thing!), I think we (myself included) would find ourselves at peace more and our lives filled in such a way that searching for these other passing joys will become bland!