Thursday, March 17, 2005

Never Alone

I have been away from the comfort of being with my family for about two weeks and I am really ready to be home. Home, in my bed, eating my food, being with my wife, watching more than one English speaking channel, home & comfortable. I want to be home and not alone anymore. I miss my home! I miss hugs and being touched. I miss having someone to talk to at night – someone to laugh at my stupid jokes….someone to hold me and tell me that they love me. ( the phone is good but it’s not the same)

When I wake up in the morning it will be Friday in Seoul and then I can say “tomorrow I get to go home”. I’m ready!

I don’t know how people traveled without the convenience of modern communication. I have a VOIP program on my computer and can call the USA for 2 cents/min. and I’ve used about $10 of time so far. I have email and a rented cell phone. All this and I still feel alone because I can’t reach out and touch the ones that I love.

I can’t imagine growing old and being alone. Even worse, I can’t imagine dying alone. I can’t imagine the feelings that Jesus must have had when all of his friends abandoned him in the garden and left him alone. He was completely alone to face the torture and the cross. Even his father couldn’t even bear to watch. Jesus was alone and he knew all along that this was the way that it was going to be. It is amazing to me that he didn’t call down the army of angels and wipe out every living creature. He didn’t! He died and he rose and he lives. Even more amazing is that he loves me. He knows my name and he listens whenever I speak to him. I really like the song that says “amazing love, how can it be that you my God would die for me…..”

He promised that through him, we would never be alone!

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JMM said...

How amazing His love is for us to do what He did. I just hope and pray I can always carry the knowledge of this in my heart and not just in my mind. Doesn't life give great reminders?