Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Lost

Sunday's are my favorite day of the week. I am usually up early with a cup of Honduran coffee and the newspaper. I am often teaching a class so I also spend quiet time reflecting on the lesson and discussion. I get to spend time with friends and other believers in study, prayer, praise, communion, & fellowship. We have a great small group at our house every Sunday night. Terri & I eat out after Sunday morning services & spend the day together. I get to take a nap. Sunday's are great!
Yesterday I completely lost my Sunday.
Terri & I got up at about 4:30 on Saturday to travel - she to Mississippi & me to Japan.
I departed the USA from Chicago at 11:00 AM (Saturday) and arrived in Tokyo at 3:00 PM on Sunday. Gathering luggage, clearing customs, finding the right bus, finding out that the bus won't take US$ and missing it to go to the money exchange, catching the next bus - I finally arrived at my hotel at about 5:30. I was in bed at 6:00 so I completely missed Sunday. Poof.........gone....
(It is now 3:00 AM on Monday in Tokyo. The USA standard coffee pot in the hotel room is a tea pot and the nearest Starbucks doesn't open for 4 more hours.)

Missing Sunday is more than just a day gone. It is the first day of the week It is our God's first fruit of the week...made for us to spend with him. Our God was so wise whenever he set aside a day of the week to worship and rest. A day to reflect on our blessings and share them with remember sacrifice of Jesus and celebrate the fact that HE LIVES!
Our God is good.......All the time!
(ps: please pray for my family this week)

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