Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Have you ever heard of things that had to be real because they are so "unreal" that nobody could make them up? Beyond imaginaton.

In Santa Ana, Honduras there is a little girl named Pamela who is 10 years old. Pamala came to live at Casa de Esperanza last week and her's is one of those stories that no normal person could make up. Pamela came to us with her little brother and her little sister. To Pamela and her little family, Casa de Esperanza is the real house of hope that it was designed to be. Casa de Esperanza is a refuge.

Before Pamela and her little brother and sister came to us, Pamela's mother was making her work. In third world countries - a child working and helping to bring in food isn't unusual - enen at 10 years old. What makes this story different is the type of work that this little girl was forced to do. Pamela's mother had forced her into the dark world of prostitution. It makes me sick to think that in our world, a child is forced by anyone to do this but, coming from the one person that God put here to protect you is gut wrenching. I have cried every day since I heard about little Pamela and the world she was forced to live in. I have also thanked our great and awesome God for building the refuge that we call Casa de Esperanza.

He's My Rock! He's My Deliverer!


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