Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's Important?

On Monday morning I was at the Y for my morning workout. I usually go about 7:30 which puts me in between the 8 - 5 folks and the mommy brigade. I'm usually still working out when the mommy crew arrives and most of the time pay no attention to the world around me. On Monday, it was different because there were two moms on the machines next to me and they were engaged in a conversation that I couldn't help but over hear. One of the moms was giving the family success update - "we just picked up our new boat and can't wait to get it on the lake... I don't know if we'll keep it at the lake or at our house....of course we've finally started construction of the new house and can't wait till October when we can move in.....blablabla...what about you? " The other mom was one that I've seen several times at the Y - you know the kind...always 'coordinated', her conversation was sorta like this, "wow! a new boat and a new house! well, we have been so busy....and it's so hard to get the workouts that I really need - what with the kids and regular sitter hasn't been able to work so I've been 'stuck' keeping the kids in the afternoon when I'd really like to be doing a lot of other things besides that....being stuck with the kids makes me feel like I'm in jail."
I wasn't trying to listen in but, what I heard made me wonder what is going on in families around the country? What's different about these families than most of the world around us? What's important anyway?

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