Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yesterday I met Gloria.

Gloria lives in Comayguala in a community where most everyone is on the far edge of poverty. About 3 months ago Gloria and her family were involved in a fire that destroyed their homes. I met Gloria because the news reporter that covered the announcement of the 5 houses that we are building this week remembered the fires from 3 months ago and she asked me if I would go with her to meet this wonderful lady. When we arrived at the site - which is difficult to get to - Gloria came to see what was going on. When we tlod her that we were looking at her land to see if we might be able to build some replacement houses there she immediately gave thanks to God. I am sure that Gloria has been praying for some help in getting the 20+ members of her family out of the temporary one room where thay have been sleeping for the past three months. I saw the one room place where the family is staying yesterday and it is wall to wall people crowded into a place to live and sleep. I don't know where they cook, clean up, or many of other things that most of us associate with normal life. I don't know where the kids study - or even if they go to school. I do know that living in one room with more than 20 peoplw would be tough do for one night but next to impossible for 3 months.
I told Gloria that I believed that we can build three houses but, we would need to wait for abut 5 or 6 weeks when we have a group here. I was afraid that she would be disappointed in having to waid but instead she was thrilled and once again thanked God before she thanked me. I told her that we were only there because our God had put us together and that all of this was put into place to glorify Him. I am amazed at the patience that we can learn from people like Gloria. I am amazed at the faith that people like Gloria have and I am blessed to be a little part of God's plan for answering the prayers of Gloria.
Ask God to use you in his plan for answering prayers of those in need and you can be assured that he will do it. Our God is faithful and true....all the time.
Be a blessing to somebody today.

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Ginger said...

Thank you Marc for this wonderful valentine's story. Love, Ginger