Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lot's Happening

The past week has been filled with great stuff.
I started the week in Catacomas - in the Eastern part of the country. I was blessed to be able to take my friend that works with Por los Ninos - another children's home. PLN is a very well run facility that we can learn a great deal from. One of the different ways of operation that is in place there is the use of Honduran Christian couples as house parents. After discussing this with everyone here, we have decided to begin the search for our first houseparent couple. Please pray for God to send us the right folks.
Returning to Santa Ana meant that it was time to start to work on the women's center in Oriente. This is going to be an amazing blessing to the community and you can read a lot about this project at or on Terri's blog. The work is very intense but, we are already a week ahead of the original plan.
Yesterday, I was able to work with Karen and Dorian in a youth group trip to "the waterfall". I had only been to the place one time - only I didn't drive on the first trip. I just knew that the waterfall was near Lake Yojoa (a big lake that is about 20 miles long). We kept asking people where the waterfall was and we kept getting different answers. We finally found the park and it was an amazing adventure for the 10 kids that were able to make the trip. I am looking forward to having the AIM Team join the work here as they will be doing much more with the church and the youth group here in Santa Ana and in other communities.
This week we were also asked by the child welfare floks if we would be willing to take on a couple more little girls. We all discussed the potential and agreed that we would love to have the blessing of two more children. Especially since we will be able to take them in before they are taken to the "children's warehouse". It looks like this will all happen next Thursday. Please pray that the older brother will be accepted into Jovenes en Camino - a home for boys.
This new week will continue to be very busy. We are blessed to be able to be a little part of answered prayers.
Be a blessing to somebody today!


Ginger said...

Reading your blog makes me appreciate you all the more.
Love, Ginger

Lacey said...

Thank you for sharing your days with us.
I can't wait to come back and see what else God has been doing.
Love Lacey