Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Monthly Report

April 2008 has gone by in a flash.
We started the month with a couple of TORCH teams - one about to leave and another just arriving. The first team was from Belpre, Ohio. This is an experienced team and we were blessed to be able to assist is house construction and some of the tasks that enable a team to focus on ministry.
The next team arrived on April 4th from Atlanta. This is a team that we have grown very close to - they are from the Campus Church of Christ. The team of 21 came ready to work. They packed & distributed food, built houses, taught kids about Jesus in a puppet show, worked in a feeding center, visited people in the school for the blind, fed more than 250 at the city dump - they were answers to many prayers. The Campus group was here until the 11th.
Once we were able to catch our breath, we jumped on the Oriente project. Our comittment was to start moving dirt on the 15th of April and that meant that we needed to ascess our inventory of tools and other construction material. Additionally we needed to locate all of the many supliers for constructing this "Woman's Center". By Tuesday April 15th we were ready to go and the project is rapidly moving ahead. You can read more about the project and our progress at
The last couple of weeks, I have been spending every day on the construction project. We are dedicated to getting the center finished by May 25th. This will be a week prior to the first team arrivals of the summer and - wow, we are going to be pretty busy then. Our AIM group arrives on May 20th and our TORCH Interns arrive on the 28th so we are going to be surrounded by great folks for the coming months. I will report on the AIM goals on our May report.
The churches that we are blessed to work with here are doing great. Santa Ana continues to fill every seat almost every Sunday. The worship is uplifting and the preaching is powerful. The kids program is also growing - along with the youth group. I was blessed to be able to sponsor a youth outing a couple of weeks ago and we had 10 kids that spent a Saturday travelling to an amazing waterfall to sightsee and spend time together in fun and in devotionals. We had a great time singing in the van.
Los Pinos too continues to thrive. They have finally completed their kitchen project and they utilize the facility every Sunday to prepare a meal for the children of the community. They average feeding more than 125 children every Sunday. Additionally, there are more than 100 adults worshiping in Los Pinos.
Both of these churchs are working to "make disciples". There are classes in both communities almost every night of the week. Please pray for both of these congregations as they reach out to the lost of Honduras.
Also - please pray for Terri and I as we travel on the 8th to Searcy, Arkansas. Both of our kids will graduate from Harding on the 10th and we plan to be there!. We will be returning on the 18th.
Thanks to all of you for your support, prayers, love, and encouragement. You bless us.

Be a blessing to somebody today,
Marc Tindall

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Ginger said...

Dear Marc,
Oh God, I know I have been given more grace than I deserve to say I live in the United States of America. I know many have given their lives for this privilege I have. I pray for the leaders of Your churches in other countries. May your people stand together EVERY day !! God we need you more today than during the time of the 10 plagues. Honduras needs you.
God help Marc and Terri CONTINUE to be the light of your love in Honduras today... and every day.
What great works they have accomplished.
In HIS Name,