Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And Now WIND!

The news paper yesterday said that there is a "big cold front coming". It didn't say much about the wind. Yesterday morning the front hit and with it some pretty amazing winds. I don't have a wind speed reader but if I did, I would guess that we are getting a steady 45 to 50 mph with some gusts at 65 to 70. It is intense!
At noon yesterday I had a voicemail from my friend that runs the schools at Oriente and he needed to tell me about the damage that the wind had caused one of the schools - the roof had been lifted by the wind and removed from the building. TORCH has built all of the buildings so - it was natural that Carlos would call us for help getting the building repaired. I hope to pull enough resources together to get it fixed on Saturday. Obviously we won't be getting on top of a building with sheets of tin if there is still 50 MPH winds.
Coming home from Oriente yesterday was another mind altering event.
Driving north on the SPS highway, I noticed that the truck in front of me swerved left and stopped quickly in the median. I saw what I thought was the reason - a large piece of debris in the road - only as I got closer I could see that it wasn't debris - it was a man. The truck in front of mine had struck a man trying to run across the road. He was knocked out of his shoes - about 75 feet and was laying in the center of the road. He was dead - just like that. Intentions of crossing the road - not even very much traffic - one second heading to the other side and the next - on the other side of life to face his maker. There was nothing that anyone could do for him. I don't know his name but, I will never forget his face.
Be a blessing to somebody today,

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that poor man.