Friday, October 24, 2008

Let's Build!

In the USA, a natural disaster is met with an army of both government workers, aid, private volunteers, Red Cross, and others. The disaster isn't easy to recover from but, there is usually help on the way.
In Honduras, that isn't always the case. Many of the places where disaster strikes are remote and the help never comes. Houses are destroyed, crops lost, and people are hurt - sick - or just not able to recover very quickly. There isn't a FEMA, there is no State Farm agent, there is only pain, hunger, and suffering. It seems somewhat overwhelming.
Only when we recognize that we are called to help people - to serve our brothers - one at a time - can we see that even a little help is what we need to provide.
Driving into Tegucigalpa this morning, I came up with the idea that there may be some of you that would like to do - just a little bit to share the love of Jesus with some folks that have had the disaster of losing their home to a landslide or flood. I would like to pull a group together that can come to Honduras the week of Thanksgiving to build houses and share the love of Jesus. I have enough beds in my house to sleep 12 or so let's fill em up. Plane tickets into San Pedro Sula are running about $475 or less right now and we can build a house for about $1300. If we can act fast, I will go to the Teguc airport and see if we can't get them to discount the rate for a team of builders. I would ask anyone interested to get with their home church to ask for support of building at least one house. Terri and I can come up with enough rice and beans to feed everybody and we can go out and share Thanksgiving with people that need the hope of Jesus -right now. Even if you can't come, ask your church or Sunday School class to help us build.
Emal me at if you are interested - recruit friends and family and Let's Build!
Be a blessing to somebody today!

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