Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog Invasion & News

Since I have been in the states - somebody has been attacking my blog. I have it set up so that any new post to my blog is emailed to me. Well, for the past few days, I open my email and find that I have made a new post in the middle of the night - when I thought I was asleep.........
The new postings are strange and mostly some sort of advertising - I sign in and delete them.
The inconvenience doesn't agitate me as much as the fact that there are people out there in cyberspace that actually take the time to figure out how to get into a place that belongs to somebody else. I don't understand the how's and certainly don't understand the why's.
This little place on the internet isn't special and there likely aren't more than a couple of hundred people that regularly read it ...... Oh well. I have made a few changes and hopefully this will cure my invasion. If you open this space and see anything but a "BLOG" please ignore it and please don't open up any attachments. I really believe that the invasion came from my email so - if you have recieved any "advertising" emails from me or things that look like "pass alongs" I didn't send them - the person that invaded my computer did it. No es mi culpa!
Good things have been happening on the work front -
Since we have been home, we have news that we now have a bus that will be converted into a Mobile Clinic! The bus is in Mississippi right now and my friend Wally Sweedenberg and his son are repairing all the bugs - from there the conversion will begin. The plan is to have two exam tables and one chair that can combo for dental or eye care. Hope to ship the bus down in early spring!
More good news! The AIM (Adventure in Missions) program in Lubbock approved our application for a team. The class of 2008 will graduate in April and 3 to 4 grads will be joining us - specifically to work with the Mobile Clinic. The medical staff will treat physical needs and the AIM team will work with Spiritual needs.
Other news - Terri & I will be travelling to Mississippi this weekend to take care of bus business, banking for Casa & TORCH, & joining the Tupelo church on Sunday night for their kick off for TORCH.
I have also been asked to preach and teach in Topeka, KS on the 9th of September. Please pray for this. The Central Church is about 500 strong and is interested in our ministry - especially TORCH.
Be a Blessing!

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Lori said...

Marc, This is Lori Roberts, church secretary for the Starkville congregation. My daughter, Brigitte and son Brandon have been on numerous Torch trips with Wesley and Natasha. I'd like for you to contact me by email -- I have some questions. Can you please go to and email me through the office email? I'd rather not type out my email address here. Those rascals that got into your blog might come after me!