Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adventures In Missions

AIM is a part of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX. The program in designed to offer folks - mostly college aged - an opportunity to dedicate 2 years of their lives to the mission field. Last year when we decided to go full time in this ministry we applied to have an AIM team to come and be a part of our work. We made a presentation to the students in September, the director of the program visited us in Honduras in November, and we were selected to have a team in December. This past week they arrived.
We have 6 people that will be working for us for a minimum of 14 months and up to 2 years. Terri and I already feel as if we have expanded our family in a "BIG" and positive way. The three guys are Steve, Kale, and Keith - all of them are exceptionally tall and all of them are great young men that love the Lord. Our ladies are Felicia, Andrea, and Rayner and they are beautiful Christian women. I already see Jesus in all of them.
We returned from a week of rest last Sunday and have been working hard to get caught up on everything so that we will be prepared for our first team to arrive on May 31. Before that happens, we will need to finish the Oriente project, get all of the building tools ready to go, order wood - food - ect for the group to work with, and take a deep breath. I am confident that everything will happen as planned and if it doesn't, then welcome to Honduras. I think we have a container that will arrive this week and another next week. Additionally, I found out this week that we will be building a church building in Villa Nueva and that the construction needs to start on May 31 and we need to finish the work before church time on June 8. I love it! The group arriving next Saturday will be helping some with the building but, none of the 19 in the group have ever been to Honduras. We will also have all of our AIM team and interns available to mix concrete and throw block. I really think we can get this done in 5 days - leaving Saturday as a day to rest!
When you read this, pray for our family as we get adjusted to living and working with each other. We will be doing the big family thing until August when the guys will be getting a place of their own. The girls will also be living in their own place however it will likely be somewhere on the Casa property.
Be a blessing to somebody today!


Ginger said...

miracle worker!
praying for you. as always admire you for trying to accomplish so much so fast so well. ginger

Tom Dugan said...

Hollis Maynard at Sunset recommended I contact you. I am a Prison Minister in Fla and have member return home to LaLima, Cortez. Need to contact me

Marc T said...

Please email me at