Saturday, May 17, 2008

Down Time

Down time hasn't been a part of my life in Honduras lately. It seems that most days start before 6 and work ends just before bedtime. This past week has been completely different. Last Saturday both Nathan and Nicole graduated from Harding and we celebrated with a BBQ and with our friends. On Sunday we were able to be with friends in Hot Springs - at the National Park Church. We are blessed that they are some of our partners in ministry and that they have joined our short term missions for more than 5 years. After church on Sunday - REST.
Terri and I were blessed to be with my parents and Camille for several days of great rest. It has been great!
Tomorrow we are back in Honduras and as soon as we hit the ground, we will head out to Oriente to check on progress of the project there. As soon as we finish in Oriente we will head out to Casa to check on things there. We are anxious to be home and get back into the work that our God has planned for us. The down time has been great but, it is time to go home and we are ready.
Be a blessing to somebody today!

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Ginger said...

Very little rest it sounds like to me. It is tiring to travel but what a blessing to be with your family.
Pace yourself! love, Ginger