Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gentle Touch

Today I went to town to work on a couple of projects and to visit a couple of places. The projects are in Oriente and I had Milton working with me so pretty much I just needed to get him to the job site and pay the bills. The places to visit were what was really on my mind today - I took Felicia, Andrea, and Rayner with me because I wanted to visit a day care center in El Centro. This is a place that was established by the first lady of the previous administration and takes care of the kids from single working mothers. Without this place, most of the kids would be at home alone or maybe with an 8 or 9 year old brother or sister. There are about 80 kids in the center. Today we were disappointed because the center was closed - so, we didn't get to visit or get an update on the status of the center.
The next stop is a place that takes in old folks when there isn't any place else for them to go. This home is on the steepest street that I have ever seen - much less driven on. We lived in the SF Bay Area and have driven Lombard several times - this Tegucigalpa street makes Lombard look like Lubbock, Texas. Outside the home there were about 15 to 20 homeless guys waiting for lunch as this home also ministers to the homeless of the area with a hot meal every day. In the home, there are about 3o people that look to be older than 80 and some very close to 100. Today when went into the home, we spent time sitting and talking to the people. One thing that I noticed all of the girls doing was giving hugs. It was amazing to see the change of expression in the faces of those being touched. The time that we spent in this home was just like most of the ministry that we are blessed to be a part of - we were all much more blessed by going to the old folks home that we could have ever imagined.
I am guilty of not visiting the old folks homes of the states - so, what we did today is not part of my usual routine. I plan to change this. Why don't you join me in changing?
Be a blessing to somebody today!

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