Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just A bunch of little beggers!

Today I took the end of the summer TORCH group to the airport. One surprise to a lot of groups is when the kids that they have fallen in love with come to the airport to tell them goodby. Since we are back using the Tegucigalpa Airport, the kids are back too. Today the kids were from Los Pinos - there were about 12 of them - pretty amazing since there were only 6 people leaving today.
After the group secured their boarding passes, they were in line to pay their exit fees and the kids were standing with me and 2 of the AIM girls. We were all laughing and having fun when a complete stranger walked up and said "don't bother too much with those kids, they are just a bunch of little beggers! Besides, I already bought then something to eat so they don't need anything else."
I was stunned!
I told him that these kids are my friends - that I know all of their names and where they live. I told him that they had come to the airport to tell some of my friends goodbye and that if he was able to see where they lived, he might understand a little bit about why they were asking for food.
I was amazed that this guy was wearing a shirt that said "Heart For Honduras".
As the afternoon has passed, there are a lot of things that I have thought of that I could have said - some of them were not very nice and others were just things that would hopefully provoke a little bit of thinking before you say something so stinking lame. I believe that Jesus said it best when he said "let the children come to me" and when he said " unless you become like these little children, you cannot enter the kingdom".
I pray that the words that came from this man were ones that he has choked on this afternoon.Maybe he had time to reflect on them on his flight back to the states and will somehow regret his arrogance. I hope so.
I am truly glad that the kids couldn't understand English - they just smiled at him as if he were one of their friends.
If you get a chance, come to Honduras and I will introduce you to my little friends and perhaps they will sone to the airport to see you off too.
Be a blessing to somebody today.
Ps: I will be posting a July report within days.


Ryan Hunt said...

I've been going with TORCH to Honduras for the past 8 years, and this year I was touched by the children more than the other years combined. To whom much is given, much is required, and I feel a great responsibility for these beloved children. -rbh

Ginger said...

Dear Marc,
What a joy it is to see things through your eyes! And see the fruit of how God is working in your lives! We pray you will continue to experience incredible blessings in your friendships with others, mainly these special children, and even more that you will continue to feel the breath of God on your face as you serve the needs of others. Way to go to stand up for these kids!!

BTW, I saw Kert Hunt just Wed. at Columbus Church wed. night services and said hello. If I am not mistaken ryan is Kert's brother. Right? I think I have met Ryan once. I enjoyed reading your comment too Ryan.

Marc, I hope you and Terri are having a relaxing vacation at the beach and can rest as much as you need. You have both worked so hard and need this break.

Love, Ginger