Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More On Choluteca

Sometimes when you see something - especially here in Honduras, you are impacted to the point that you just can't stop thinking and praying about it. The first litle village we visited in the Choluteca area has effected me that way.
When I got home Saturday, I spent time talking with Andrea - one of our AIM team and we got up Sunday still talking about just what could happen to make the biggest impact on the community. Well, we just startd day dreaming together and so far - here is what we are dreaming about.
So far we believe that the biggest impact that we can deliver to the community is to find a way to feed the kids. We already have a pattern from the feeding center in Oriental so we won't be reinventing the wheel. We believe that using a feeding center as the base of ministry will have an immediate positive evvect on both the kids and the adults. Our aim is to build a center that will double as a church building and a place that the community can use for many other functions. We also want to find a ministry family that can act as both preacher as well as facility manager. We want to utilize the women in the community as our workers.
So - we want to build a feeding center, use the bulding as a place of worship and other community needs, we want to find a ministry family that will live in the community (in a house attached to the center), the family will manage the center and minister to the community. We believe that we can build and run the center for the first year for about $45,000 or less. That amount would allow us to build, furnish, staff - and feed about 200 kids a day - 5 days a week.
We know that our God has all the money in the world and we are praying that He will show us where the resources for this project will come from. Right now we are praying and planning.
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