Monday, November 29, 2010

Cruz de Chatarra

Cruz de Chatarra translated is "the scrap metal cross". Sometimes when I have a team scheduled to leave on a Sunday, we go to the Cruz to spend some time and take communion. I love the Cruz de Chatarra - the views are amazing it is a beautiful place.

There is a plant that grows below the cross that is called "the crown of Jesus". The plant is a vine that is very flexable - it has beautiful flowers and the thorns that cover it are as sharp as needles. This plant is a small reminder of the pain that Jesus suffered on his way to the cross. I cannot imagine having a crown of thorns shoved onto my head. The road to the cross that Jesus took for us must have been one of the most miserable, most painful, and most humiliating deaths ever. It is the one that we deserve but, he took for us. It is amazing to me that he was willing and that 3 days later he defeated death for us FOREVER!

I am not ashamed.

I am a believer.

His Grace is sufficient.

He is alive!

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Adam Gonnerman said...

They have "Coroa de Cristo" in Brazil too. The first time I went there one of my team's tasks was to yank it out of the fence around the church building. Nasty stuff. Goes right through leather work gloves.