Friday, November 19, 2010

The God I Serve

About a year ago, I was with a friend and recieved a telephone call offering a container of Manna Pack Rice meals. Cost to ship from MN - about $5,000 and no money available for shipping. I told my friend that if past experience was a good predictor of the future, our God would provide the shipping money in about a day. We accepted the load offer and went to the house to take care of some business. I prepared a FB message and before I pushed the post button, we prayed. History prevaled and within 24 hours (20 to be exact), the money was comitted and The God I Serve once again - was Himself.
Just 3 months ago, we emptied our warehouse of all of our food we prayed for God to send more and within days, we were offered 2 containers of Manna Pack. We prayed for the money to ship the containers and within a day, both containers were paid for.
When we returned to Honduras in September, we faced weeks of rain. The rains completely destroyed the bean crop and the price of beans rose from about 20 cents a pound to more than $1 in just days. We prayed for God to help us find a way to deliver some relief and once again, The God I Serve heard our prayer and we will recieve about 100,000 pounds of beans on the 29th of November. I am awed!
Even with answer after answer of our prayers, I still put limits on our Unlimited God. Just about the first of August, I put up a FaceBook post that talked about our dream of a new Casa Campus where we could rescue older girls. A place where we can share Jesus with young ladies and teach them how much "The God We Serve" loves them. That they can trust others and that the people that they trust will never abuse them or leave them. I posted that we wanted to build a sustained campus by including a place where we could house our mission teams and generate the revenue needed to support the new campus. In my mind, I limited The God I Serve with my doubt.
Once again, The God I Serve is an Unlimited God. A God that loves us when our faith is weak, that knows our dreams - better than we do, and a God that loves to surprise His children.
Today, we know that the new campus will be developed in 2011. We know that by sometime just over a year from now we will be petitioning IHNFA to extend our license to operate a the Casa de Suenos. By this time next year, our teams will sleep in a place that will support children and make it possible for Hope and Dreams to become real.
The God I Serve is Awesome, Amazing, Undescrible.



On more than one occasion I have limited God by my unbelief. I've doubted we could raise certain amounts of money. Every time God has shown me that He is larger than my disbelief.

"Oh, Trey, where is your faith!"

Paula Harrington said...

I love this post! I too, put too many limits on our God and time after time, He reminds me how much He loves. Thank you for all you do.

Nancy said...

Amazing, i am in Honduras, if you sometimes need more help, i am available for it.