Saturday, September 29, 2007


Terri was on time yesterday!
She left Little Rock at 5 something so that meant that she was up at 2:30. Needless to say she was tired when she arrived. I kept here busy for a while as we needed to meet with people about getting a few things done to our house, we had to meet with the lawyer to discuss becoming residents of Honduras, and we had to go to our warehouse so that we could make room for a container that will arrive in about a week or so. Our stuff is shipping out of Gulfport today so - if the ship doesn't sink, we will have our own bed in a couple of weeks. We got rid of lots of stuff but - my pillow top bed wasn't one of them!
Our plans for the next weeks incude 2 weeks of intensive language school and a conference in Copan. We will leave after church in the morning for the 250 mile dirve to Copan - about 3 miles from Guatamala (did I spell that right?). I'll be unloading the container on the 15th and we will spend the rest of the week preparing for a small group coming from Illinois and California. From the 20th to the 27th we will have a TORCH group of about 10 building, feeding, teaching, and just serving the people of Honduras. Please pray for this. While you are praying - please pray that our Illinois house will sell soon. Today would be soon enough!
Terri & I want to thank all of you that keep us in your daily prayers. Please pray that we will see what God has planned for us to do and that we will follow his plan.


Ginger said...

Hi Marc,
You are at the top of my prayer list to have prayers answered that your house sells "yesterday" but if that doesn't work out maybe TODAY.
I know that you will be shouting to the heavens when you hear the good news of a contract on your home in IL
I am going to thank God right now that he is working on that. He has a buyer for you and Terri. Thank you Lord for that buyer and answering the prayers we ask.
Praise God that we can have confidence in HIM in all things. Love, Ginger (Columbus, MS)

m&nfitz said...

Tu necessitas escribir que pasa en la escuela. Te quiero muchisimo. Hoy, para almuerzo yo y Mateo, cocinimos desayunos - huevos, tocino, bisquetes, y papas. Todo estaba bien pero mi esposo hizo tocino negro porque yo y el hablamos muy mucho y lo olivio. adios. que tenga un buen dia.