Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Happenings

On Thursday afternoon, the youth group from Santa Ana joined others from the Teguc area for a seminar at Baxter. Travelling 16 miles to spend 3 nights in a crowded dorm room wouldn't likely get too many kids from the states excited but - these kids don't get more than a mile or two from home very often. There were 15 or 16 from Santa Ana. I went to Baxter Friday afternoon to see some friends and there were about 200 - 300 teens at the seminar. Los Pinos alone brought 27. It is great to see that the seeds planted over the past couple of years has done for these two communities. More than 15% of the seminar came from churches that were not here just a few years ago! (By the way, there were 8 teenagers that chose to accept Jesus as their savior and were baptized at the seminar.)
Speaking of new churches, we have already begun the planning for a church plant in Rio Hondo (pronounced RRRio Ondo in Spanish). People here are excited about this plan. Stay tuned.
When I arrived on Thursday, there was a group of dentist at our clinic. This brigade is working to change the practice of extraction into restoring teeth. Some of the work done was amazing. This team of 3 dentist worked tirelessly for a week - averaging between 25 & 30 patients each per day. This compares to 10 to 12 average per day in the states.
I met with one of the dentists at the end of the day to have him take a look at a lump that had grown into my bottom lip. He said that it wasn't anything to worry about but, I should get a Dr to look further and perhaps have it removed. Well, I asked a friend about a possible Dr in honduras that could help me with this. Yesterday morning on my way into Tegucigalpa, my friend Gina called to tell me that I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon in 30 min. No time to think about it means no time to worry. I met with the Dr at 9:30 and by 10:15 the problem was removed and I now have 6 stiches and a fat lip. All is good - the problem was clogged salivary glands. Removing the problem glands removes the issue. Can you imagine having minor surgery from a plastic surgeon in the states for $75.00?
Yesterday we didn't get rain until after 7:00 pm - maybe one day we will not have any rain. The 10 day forecast is for rain for the next 10 days. Anyway, because it didn't rain early, we were able to take the kids on a walk to a pulperia. It was great to see how important it is to hold hands.
I am sad to report that Luvin has run away. This wasn't the first time that he has done this and because of the need to maintain a stable home for all of the children, we will not be able to let Luvin come back. Please pray for this little boy. He is so smart and it is sad that he cannot accept authority and is not willing to be loved.

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Ginger said...

Hey Marc,
Is your friend you spoke of in this blog named Gina the same as my "Gena" (my daughter) or is there two Gena's (Gina and/or Gena?)
I am glad you have repaired your mouth problems. Ouch!! Do you talk the way I talk after going to the dentist, all wierd? Those stitches could make your words come out strange.
My heart aches for Luvin. I am sorry to hear this sad news. He had become a legend of sorts in my mind. I've decided to storm heavens gates and try to get the Heavenly Father to turn the heart of Luvin in this matter. And if he returns yet another time please forgive him and accept him again. God teaches us to forgive over and over.

It was a blessed seminar and very exciting for all those young people I can tell...those seeds have grown well. And more planted, how wonderful!! Praise God.

A new church congregation up and running. How amazing. You all never cease to amaze me.

I wonder how Terri did on her devotional this morning???

Ginger Freeman
Columbus, MS