Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hondo Home

I arrived in Honduras today with my dog Skillet. Taking a dog to a 3rd world is an adventure in itself - a whole new story will come later about that.
Arriving at Casa de Esperanza on the day it became my new home is difficult to describe. Exciting would be one description - aprehensive - a little fearful - but definantly happy to be here. The kids are great - everyone ran to give hugs & kisses, smiles, donde esta es Nicole y Matt? All the questions. Hold me, no me - it's my turn - Tonight Bryan insisted that I sit beside him for dinner. I am blessed. As for Skillet, he is doing rounds with the night guard so - hopefully he will be tired and sleep tomorrow. My bags ddin't make it so, I wilbe back in Teguc to (hopefully) pick them up and take care of other things like securing a mailbox and other things. I plan to go over to Baxter where there there will be more than 500 local teens at a youth seminar. Thanks to several donars, there are about 15 kids from Santa Ana attending the seminar. I saw all the teens as they were leaving this afternoon and they were all smiles. Good Stuff!
Terri will be travelling to Texas tomorrow to see her mom and other family and will be making the trip to Teguc next friday. Pray for her safety on the road.
I plan to post updates on the work as often as possible.

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Ginger said...

Dear Marc,
Prayers answered that you arrived in one piece and had such a nice welcome. Sorry about your luggage but at least your dog didn't end up in a place that nobody knew him.
Skillet?? what kind of name is that for a dog? Is he black ? does he like to eat eggs out of a skillet or what?
I have kept up the reading of blogs so keep them coming ..also look forward to all of Terri's crazy blogs.
She is really hanging in there with the ultimate adventures in moving.
Since you have no clothes...whose clothes are you wearing?
Love and prayers, Ginger