Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My dog skillet was a pain to get into Honduras. It isn't unusual to start asking questions about how to get something done and get as many different answers as you ask people. That was the case in getting my dog into the country. I finally narrowed all the paperwork down to an international travel certificate that would be issued by a vet, an additional rabies certification, and a letter from Skillet's vet indicating all the shots etc were current. I called the Honduran officials in Chicago and they said and i quote, "with all this, you will have no problems getting your pet through customs. When I arrived, Skillet had been in his kennel for about 6 hours. People on the plane told me that they could hear him barking during the flight and he was definately ready to get out of the box to go and take care of his business.


The agriculture official asked me where the local vet was? I asked him "HUH!"

He said that it was required in Honduras to which I replied that nobody outside of the country seems to know this.... I didn't argue - I just asked him if he knew one close by that could come and get my dog out of customs hostage. The customs ag guy was nice and he helped me get a vet and within an hour Skillet and I were on our way to our new home. Skillet has quickly adapted to his new environment - why shouldn't he. He has moved into the house and likes to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. He has a bunch of kids to play with him - all the time. He gets to walk with the guards during the time when I am in town and he is - well he is now a spoiled pooch. Good for him!

Katty in particular loves Skillet. She likes to ride on his back and Skillet doesn't seem to mind at all. He is gentle with the kids and they all run to see him whenever he is around.

Be a blessing to somebody TODAY!


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