Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Work Update

Terri & I drove back from Copan on Saturday. We spent 2 weeks in language school and attended a 3 day conference on medical and children missions in Honduras. There are lots of people here working to help the people of Honduras - we met 2 couples that are working to start new children's homes - one in the La Cieba area and one in the mountains about an hour out of San Pedro Sula. The needs of the children are great.
Our week at home is busy as we prepare the warehouse for the arrival of 3 containers. We have one that is filled with medical supplies - over $250,000 worth - and our stuff. We will be very happy to see our bed! There are 2 containers filled with about 120,000 pounds of Tuna, chicken, and other canned protien. We will use a bunch of this at Casa de Esperanza and many communities will be sharing in this shipment as well.
We are also working this week on several other things like preparation for the TORCH group that will arrive on Saturday, registering vehicles, repair work at Casa de Esperanza, etc. Terri will begin work on the Casa books and the day to day financial reporting necessary to maintain our not for profit status - here and in the states.
Please continue to pray that our house in Illinois will sell SOON.
Be a blessing to somebody today!


Ginger said...

Dear Marc,
I just have 3 words about your blog!

Being the Light...

That is you and Terri in a nutshell.

Angela said...

Marc- Just happened to wonder what is going on with yall and decided to google and see if I could get to your blog- it worked! I admire yall so much for the work you are doing- from what I read, it sounds like yall are really on top of things! Sorry to hear your house still hasn't sold- I asked Jason the other day about it and he wasn't sure...We will keep you in our prayers. You always end with "Be a blessing to someone today"- you and Terri are a blessing to me today by your work and your example! Take care, Angela Grace