Monday, October 08, 2007

What's In A Name?

The other day I was driving down a Honduras Superhighway (a wide dirt road). Not many cars were going in either direction so it was easy to notice the ones that did pass. One that has stuck in my mind was an old Ford Pick-up. There was nothing special about the old Ford that made me remember it - it was what was on it that makes me laugh out loud. On the front grill of this truck was the emblem of a Mercedes. You know the one - the circle with the three lines that are instantly recognized as the trademark of a maker of expensive cars. The emblem on the old Ford didn't fool anyone - not a chance of it.
Over the weekend Terri & I were out to eat and I saw three guys walk into the resturant - all of them with different t-shirts that would indicate that they were on a mission trip or at least had been a part of one at one time or another. It was sad to see all of them head straight to the bar and start drinking. These guys made me think of the old Ford with the Mercedes emblem on the front. Now I am not trying to judge anyone's heart in this - I only have the judgement that our God gave me to descern what it is that I am observing. It just doesn't seem like it would be the right thing to do - wear a shirt that proclaims yourself to be "servant" and then not acting any different than the world around you. Reminds me of seeing some road rage coming from the people with the "fish" image on the back of the car.
I pray that I will never embarass Jesus by wearing his name into a place that will bring him shame. I pray that my life will be his reflection.
Be a blessing to somebody TODAY!

Ps: I forgot to mention my friend Carrie. We have studdied together for several years and the week before I came to Honduras she called to see if I could come to NW Arkansas to baptize her. It was an honor to have her ask me to be there and to be able to baptize her was incredible. She is a part of the campus group at UA and there were about 75 students at the river. It was such a nice place and cool experience it almost made me want to get baptized again - right there.
Pray for Carrie and her new walk with Jesus.


Ginger said...

Amen to that!! Loved the news. Great blog. love, Ginger

Churchill said...

pictures on my blog from the baptism

It was pretty cool!