Thursday, October 04, 2007

School Days

I remember why I didn't go on to grad school. Learning is hard! Especially when the subject is one with lots of RULES and memory work. That defines my Spanish school. RULES and more RULES. I wish I had paid more attention to all the rules of English and that would probably help me with the ones that I am trying to learn now.
The school here in Copan is very good. Terri and I each have our own teachers and we are learning at our own pace- this is a good thing. I really thought I knew a little of the language before I started here - now I'm not so sure. About every other day, I feel really stupid and then the next day it gets a little better. I think I am learning.
Copan is an amazingly beautiful place. It is just a few km from Guatamala on the western side of Honduras. Getting here was an adventure in itself. Terri yells that story on her blog at If you haven't read her story about the trip here - you should.
Our time here has been a blessing and a time to prepare our minds and bodies for all the work that God has planned for us. We are looking forward to getting back to Santa Ana so that we can get things in order for the small team of workers that will be coming on the 20th. There are about 10 coming from a mix of California and Illinois. We will be doing a bit of everything that a TORCH Team does - on a smaller scale. Our plans are to build houses, work at the hospital, teach, work at Casa de Esperanza, work with some of the new churches, distribute food, and many other things. Pray for the work and for the workers that will be coming.
Be a blessing to someone today!

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Ginger said...

Hi Marc,
I'm on a race with the clock here headed to Maddie's soccer game with Pearley but wanted to tell you that I do not enjoy studying either. Mercy all the new routines to settle into and learning spanish at the same time. You must be a multi tasker! Good that you look forward to this new life, right?

Sara and I had a good time in Tupelo but I am sooo tired. You know how that feels.
I love and miss you and Terri. Praying for your safety and productive mission work on the 20th.
I know you will look for God's will in all things and follow his matter how steep the mountains get you have to climb..Rely on God for all needs..Ginger