Thursday, October 07, 2010


Ana is about 16 and lives in a house just outside of the entrance to the Tegucigalpa Dump. I have known her for about 2 years. When I first met her, she was bright eyed and smiled a lot. Lately, every time I see her, she melts into weeping and wants to bury her head into my shoulder and cry.
Ana has changed a lot in the last 2 years. She has started to "huff" - putting glue or other combustable into a cloth and holding it over her mouth and nose until she is high. I first noticed this about 6 months ago - when she was still smiling. I tried then to talk to her and begged her to stop. I even took her by the hand and we walked around the dump and looked at the guys that are completly empty because they have destroyed their brains from huffing. I prayed for her and for a while she stopped coming to the dump and stopped huffing.
In July one of my teams had a clothing event in the school across the road from the dump and Ana was there with her little sister. She was clear eyed and was fairly happy that day. She told me that she was not going into the dump anymore because that is where she always huffed and almost always was raped and beat up.
Yesterday she was back in the dump. She was high and I am sure that before the day ended, she was raped again. When I saw her she was so sad.
Ana needs HOPE and prayer and some way out! Pray for her.

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