Thursday, October 14, 2010

Used Shoes

Today, my food container finally arrived and we had a team of about 10 helping to unload the 1200 cases - all by hand. It is hard work and way worth it to be able to provide about 250,000 meals for hungry kids.
During the unload, there were three kids that showed up to watch. I kept thinking that they were going to ask for some money or something but, they were content to stand off to the side and watch. About half way through the container, I walked down the road to buy some water and I saw the kids sitting - almost asleep in a taxi that was in pretty bad shape. After I bought the water, I decided that I would offer these kids a chance to help out and earn a little money. Containers always generate a ton of trash and it is our job to clean up the mess so, I decided that perhaps these kids might want to help and earn a little money. I asked them and they all jumped out of the taxi to follow me. The three kids - 2 girls and a boy went to work quickly and did a great job. After a few minutes, I asked the kids their names and their ages - they were Alexandra 9, Henry 11, and Maria 12. They were shy and looked as if they hadn't had a bath in several days - maybe weeks. I asked them if they were in school and they told me that their dad didn't have enough money to send them. When they told me this, I felt as if we - the big people - have failed "the least of these". Lots of stuff jumping in my head "how can we live in a world that accepts as a norm (in forgotten countries) that the poorest kids don't get to go to school?" "how can this be fixed?" "why?"
I cannot even pretend that I have an answer to this and the many many other issues that are impacting Honduras and much of the world that we know nothing about. I do know that we must take the opportunty - and seek the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people that God puts into our lives. I do know that when we come face to face with the needs of children and others, we are faithless if we "walk on by". James called it Dead Faith!
My daily prayer is that God will show me what he wants and shows me clearly how to do what he wants me to do.
These little guys today touched me and I cannot get them out of my head. I went into my bodega with a load of food and saw that I had an opened box of used shoes. I was able to find a pair for each of the girls - but didn't have a pair for Henry. The girls were all smiles. Over USED Shoes. I can't say that I have ever worn used shoes and if I had, I don't think I would have been too excited about it. Most folks where I come from would think that wearing shoes that somebody else had first used is a bit "gross". Here - this is just not the case. I doubt if Alexandra and Maria have ever had a new pair of shoes. Maybe never will...........
Ps: I did have a sweatshirt for Henry and he was pleased too.



Loved the story and I love your heart.

Jennifer Hines said...

Thank you for not just walking by these kids Marco. Thank you for being the little bit of hope to them that day.