Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fishy Veggy Thing

About 2 months ago, the dump video came out and - full version. The close of the video has an idea for a way to grow food that seems to have tons of merit. Andy Hughbright and Nate Hale - my brothers from Nashville are the team that did most of the work on the Dump Video and have a passion for helping the poor and for developing sustainable projects that can provide for others. Andy and Nate were responsible for pulling together the idea of the aqua-culture project as a way to help people to break out of the dump.
Well, it is really looking like we may be making this idea a reality! Lots to do but, lots has already happened - to get the ball rolling on a way to feed more hungry people.
Pray that in the coming 2 to 3 weeks that we can have a solid plan to start building and get the process in place that we can start growing food and raising fish for food - all at the same time.
I will have a lot more to follow up on this over the coming days.

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I'm excited to hear more about this work. God's doing great things in Honduras.