Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Job in the World

Terri and I are well into our 4th year of life in Honduras.
Our time here has flown by and we are both amazed as we see what God has planned for us to do.
When we started our work toward moving to Honduras, we listed a number of plans and some are falling into place where others are no longer part of our plans.
In our original plans we thought that Casa de Esperanza would grow to be a home for more than 100 kids by now. Once here it was pretty easy to see that this little home was meant to stay a bit smaller than many places we see that are sort of like warehouses for kids. The Casa campus where we live is likely to be full at 30 to 35 kids and it will be filled slowly so that every child that comes here will be loved and will know that they are loved.

In our original plans, we hoped to grow our short term teams and God has blessed our dreams. By the time that 2010 ends, we will have led 15 teams - compared to 3 during our first year here. We already have 3 more teams in 2011. Our teams are the foundation of our ministry here. Because of the teams, we are able to introduce others to the work and as that happens, people fall in love with one of the ministries.

When we moved here, we never planned to work in the dump yet, our work there is growing and our relationships are leading us to be able to disciple people. We will be making some announcements about the future of our work in the dump in early December.

When we were making plans to move here we never planned to facilitate the shiping and recieving of containers from the USA. Even during our first year here, my experiences told me that shipping and recieving containers was not worth the time and effort. As we began to explore how we could help feed children, we discovered that our God wants his kids fed and that he would use us to get food to them. In just the last year, we have been given more than 400,000 pounds of food to help with children's feeding centers and other places with needs for food for kids. Right now, we are awaiting the reciept of a food container and have another due before the end of 2010. In addition to food, many of the churches where we lead teams have packed clothing and supply containers for our work here.

My plan here is not to do a 3 year wrap of everything that has happened - because I wouldn't finish till tomorrow. We are very blessed in our work here and neither of us can imagine doing anything else. These days it seems that the opportunities before us are very big. We are in process of helping some friends get their children's home project up and running by the end of 2010. We are working on a fantastic project for the dump. We are planning the 2010 Jesus Banquet at the Dump, we are working with a water well drill team, we are planning to begin construction of our own mission house, we are making plans for a Casa campus for older girls, we are working with the Bread project in Campemento, wow! Lots ahead and we are blessed to have his plans revealed - a little at a time.

We are blessed to be here and nothing has changed on my thought that I really do have the best job in the world.

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